About Us

Meet the Founder

My name is Sam Brustein. I have been an avid weight lifter since I was 13 years old. I discovered CrossFit in 2008 and became a part of the community and methodology.

I designed the MonsterBox to save space and money, while having maximum workout versatility. I realized very quickly realized that others in the community had similar needs so Breathe Later Fitness LLC was born. I soon realized there was a need for well made plyometric equipment, which lead to the MonsterBox Mini followed by the MonsterBox 3-side. I soon realized there was a giant hole in the market for well made, shippable, customizable, durable, and easily adjustable Jerk Blocks. After months of development and testing, I brought my MonsterBlocks to the market!

Breathe Later Fitness LLC is a family run business in Cumming GA. I buy and build as much as I can locally. Anything not local I still purchase in the USA. I based my business model on just a few simple rules. First, is that we use only the best materials available. Second, we keep the design simple and strong. Third, we use only the best construction method that no other company can match. Finally, we provide customer service beyond expectations!

Breathe Later Fitness LLC

Established & Headquartered

Breathe Later Fitness LLC was created in January of 2012, located in Cumming, Georgia.

Manufacturing & Development

All boxes are made in the United States, and we have a great personal relationship with our manufacturer. All wood has been purchased locally with in Georgia. Our manufacturer makes the boxes locally from high-quality materials.

Mission Statement

No matter if the Monsterbox is for your business, school or basement, we want it to be a useful, durable and attractive piece of equipment that will last for years to come.