Monster Boxes
the only 5 in 1 jump box


Best Fitness Investment you will ever make!

Purchasing plyometric boxes of different heights can be very expensive. Crossfit gyms, and other fitness facilities need to accommodate many athletes with various abilities, through a wide range of different types of workouts. This means that gyms often have many plyometric boxes that are heavy, bulky, and expensive. We designed the MonsterBox to solve this problem.

Set a few MonsterBoxes in a row to create a dynamic workout by going from one to ground to another. MonsterBoxes also can be used as two step-ups going from one height to the next for athletes that need to build before they can jump. MonsterBoxes offer lower heights 12 and 14 inches, for newer athletes and 30 and 35 inches for advanced jumpers

Crossfit, Strength & Conditioning, Circuit Training, and all Athletes Levels

5 in 1 Jump Box

Because of it unique patent pending design, each MonsterBox will take the place of 5 different plyometric boxes, saving space and money. The combination of the MonsterBox and Monster Mini give a total of 9 different jumping heights.

Adjustable Heights

On each box, the different heights are clearly labeled. Simply flip the box using the built in handles to select the desired height. Multiple athletes can share a single box during circuit training.

Easily Stack Boxes

With their unique design you can stack multiple boxes to store them easily, saving you precious space in your gym, and since they replace 5 other boxes, this means that the footprint of plyometric boxes in the gym will shrink dramatically.

Each Box is Built Smart

All MonsterBoxes are made with cabinet grade, high end, 3/4 plywood. Our plywood is specially purchased and inspected to be free of voids and have clean lines. Sparing nothing, they are assembled with 2 inch, fully threaded, self drilling screws to ensure no splits, and a secure finish that will last through years of heavy training.

Customizable w/ Logo or Design

The art work on the boxes is designed to last for years since it is inked directly into the wood using an exclusive high end printing process. We can add your personal FULL COLOR custom logo to your MonsterBox. All we need is your art work, and we can place it on your custom MonsterBox.

3 Different Sizes!

MonsterBox Original

15 Inch, 20 Inch, 24 Inch, 30 Inch, and 35 Inch platforms.

MonsterBox Mini

12 Inch, 14 Inch, 20 Inch, 25 Inch, and 27 Inch platforms.

MonsterBox 3-Sided

20 Inch, 24 Inch, and 30 Inch platforms.

Monsterbox Testimonial

“I love this box. It has become one of my favorite pieces of equipment in my gym. I am a avid crossfitter, mostly following the main site. I have been crossfitting seriously for about 2 years now, and have slowly put together a pretty good garage gym. The one thing that I have lacked was a good jump box. I saw this box and it was exactly what I wanted. I had all the heights for me, my wife and my 12 year old son, who loves to crossfit. The 15” and 20” heights gives my wife something that she can work with. She loves the step design. My son and I love the over all size of it. It is plenty big enough where we can both jump on it at the same time and get competitive. I also got the extra personalization and had my nickname engraved on it. I love that. Overall, the box is extremely sturdy. When you jump on it, you can tell its going to last for a long time. And the handle on it make it very easy to flip and move around. This is definitely a professional gym-quality piece of equipment.”

-T.D. Werho Atlanta, GA

Product Videos

MonsterBox Demos

Monsterbox Mini versus Regular

Stress Test #1


Tractor Test #2


More Reasons to be Confident

Premium Grade Wood

We believes in only using the finest materials available in our line! All MonsterBlocks are made with cabinet grade, high end, 3/4 plywood. Our plywood is specially purchased and inspected to be free of voids and have clean lines. The MonsterBlocks are assembled (Local delivery) or shipped with 2 inch, fully threaded, self drilling screws to ensure no splits and a secure finish that will last years of hard abuse. Even though it is much more expensive to use screws, you will never see nails or trim tacks used as they will fail eventually.

Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

Each set of MonsterBlocks lids is warranted for two years. Please read the term and conditions carefully. If any piece of your MonsterBlocks needs to be replaced because of wear damage, contact us, and we will gladly replace the piece free of charge. The user pays all shipping charges. This warranty does not include the custom logo reprinting, which will be an additional charge if necessary. Assembly and shipping are the users responsibility. We reserve the right to request photographs of the damaged part. If you are past the two year warranty, we will happily replace any individually worn or broken pieces for a small fee.

Easy Assembly

Setting up your MonsterBlocks are a breeze. Simple follow our assembly manual and you’ll have your boxes built in no time!