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There are two kinds of people when it comes to drug jokes. Who knew an AMA would change my life. Milf hunter deauxma. Just had to say thanks for the awesomeness that is Super Troopers.

Guys, i love the work you've done and can't wait for future releases, but something's been bugging me and I don't feel I can sleep at night til you answer a legitimate question Wedding trends for Thanks for answering our questions. My boyfriend and I caught your show at the San Jose Improv a few month ago.

Stolhanske loved that leg bit. Steve lemme nude. Just wondering what the results were and if you guys are planning on making your next movie based on those results, which I think is an amazing way for actors such as yourselves to do to get the fans involved and give back, in a way.

You got me all worked at the end of Beerfest. I have met all of you here in Austin at different times. We didn't know it but he was a great improvisor. Basically, his name was put on it. Ala sexy milf. Step outside and have a doughnut Also trending: Email us at mods iamaofficial. The comedy troupe Broken Lizard wrote, star in and directed this story of State Highway Troopers in northern Vermont who have an ongoing feud with the local police. I wanted to thank you guys for making me laugh over the years.

Then there are those people who do drugs and completely get and enjoy drug jokes. More from this contributor. Hot Black Buns 8 Kevin: Even with the first movie, there were so many times where we thought we were going to make it, and then the financing fell through. This guy takes his parrot everywhere he goes in Everett Rod Shafer has had Sally, a macaw, on his shoulder for years, even while bicycling around town.

You guys were awesome! The five core members of Broken Lizard have been together since their fraternity days at Colegate University, and their familiarity with one another is a joy to behold. Seventeen years after the prank-happy patrolmen made their debut, Officer Farva and crew are back.

I write him checks all the time, and he should know who we are. Attempting to bypass this rule by adding a? I totally welched on the bet because I was too terrified to do stand-up comedy. You guys should fix that.

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Meow IMO, you guys are some of the best out there.

You must sign in or register to continue reading content. Also, you two, come to NW Arkansas, we need some good comedy. Vagina naked video. I have met all of you here in Austin at different times. Thank you for providing my friends and I countless laughs. Interviewing two comedians at one time means double the laughs, but it also means twice as much insight into the topics being discussed.

And like both my brothers, I found this to be a moderately funny, if juvenile, movie that provides some laughs but little else. Is there a soundtrack to that movie? I wanted to thank you guys for making me laugh over the years. My favourite line from your movies is "If you don't weigh in you don't wrassle", will their be any ''wrasslin'' in ST2?

His body starts to rebel. Everything is starting to make sense now. Steve lemme nude. Watch indian lesbian videos. We gave him the nickname Soapy and he hated it so much we vowed to put it every movie we ever do.

Just wanted to say thank you for Super Troopers, I still remember the day I saw it for the first time as one of the best days of my life, and it's also a film I've never tired of introducing others to. Except eighth-grade boys these days are probably way more enlightened. That may have been in the first draft of the script.

Alcoholism has never been funnier. Are you guys planning on making another group film like Super Troopers or Slammin Salmon? I love that it had Counting Crows Hanginaround in it.

Shouldn't you all be doing something, like working on Super Troopers 2? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Brian embraces that wholeheartedly. The truth is, we were really excited to make the sequel and when we were in the writing process it was so great to be familiar. So there is hope. What's in store for Broken Lizard? Also I just wanted to say that the opening of Super Troopers is some of the funniest shit ever put to film.

But one that I use all the time is from Slammin Salmon. Pissing naked women. Everyone likes to take the piss out of themselves!

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Have you guys ever checked out Rifftrax?

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Watch it, you'll love it, MAKE love to it. Lesbian furries having sex. You can correct mistakes from one show to the next and build something. The father of royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle has reportedly said he will not attend. We are the ugly Americans in this movie. Steve lemme nude. A super-not-gay-at-all cock n' balls slap team. Francine joy drescher nude Me and many people I know still say "meow" in place of "now" randomly in regular speech because of you guys and supertroopers, just wanted to let you know that and say thanks: Just had to say thanks for the awesomeness that is Super Troopers.

Sorry about the delay. Fat Man Little Boy. Oh you're the stalker. Jay, Paul, and Erik? The guys in Broken Lizard all play off of each other well and as mindless entertainment that remains good natured even when being raunchy Super Troopers succeeds. Lesbian xxx images. I think Lemme was on set, right?

Attempting to bypass this rule by adding a?

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MEGAN FOX NUDE HOT PICS He went back to the car and brought you guys a little gift.
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Rachel roy naked His family came and he was so happy and excited. Love all your movies, my question is reguards to the survey you had up on your site a while ago.
Chilean nude women Shouldn't you all be doing something, like working on Super Troopers 2?

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