Price Change for MonsterBlocks – 06/12/13

BAD NEWS!!! I am going to have to raise the price of my MonsterBlocks in 2 weeks.

Buy now at $849 or buy after 06/12/13 at $975.

I am not doing this to further amass my giant fortune, because I would have to already have one to further amass it!! I am doing this for two reasons. First is because the cost of high quality (Even cheap grade) plywood has gone up nearly 23% since I started to build my MonsterBoxes and MonsterBlocks a while back. The second reason, the MonsterBlocks take far longer to build, prep, label, count, and pack than I originally figured into the price.

Over the last 6 months the domestic plywood makers, who sell quality plywood at a premium, have gotten together to get the US Department of Commerce to raise the taxes on all imported plywood. They did this to try to make their (Domestic plywood manufacturers) prices seem more reasonable compared to foreign wood. When the foreign prices went up, guess what the Domestic plywood manufacturers did? They raised their prices! Now a sheet of Plywood that would have cost around $46 per sheet when purchased by the unit (unit = A shit ton) costs nearly $60 when bought by the unit (unit = still a shit ton).

Now your saying Sam, that’s only about a $15 difference, why the $125 total increase? Well, good question. There are almost 7 full sheets of high-grade plywood that go into each set of MonsterBlocks (Total weight 315 lbs.). That alone is nearly $105. The other $20 is to account for the additional time to build and prep everything before being shipped.

Because my 3 styles of MonsterBox only use between a sheet and a sheet and 1/3, I am not going to raise their prices anytime soon. I am eating the difference for now, but if the wood continues to go up I may have no choice!

I know that nearly a grand for a premium piece of specialized, customized, Olympic lifting equipment is a significant investment. I understand that completely! But you can ask anyone who owns a set (Justin Key, Freddy Camacho, Juan Bacca CrossFit AtpGreg Snyder, to name a few) and they will tell you they are AWESOME!! They are not going to say they are cheap, but they will say they LOVE THEM!! I plan to continue to make my MonsterBlocks the right way, with the best materials available and with MY own two hands! But the materials and my time have a value. Until Breathe Later Fitness is a household name (No time soon!) I have this thing that takes up most of my time, its my REAL job and my family. So I hope you all understand and will continue to come to me for your MonsterBlocks needs.