Monsterbox Original


MonsterBox Original:  15 Inch, 20 Inch, 24 Inch, 30 Inch, and 35 Inch platforms

Because of its patent pending design, it takes the place of 5 different size jump boxes and puts them all into one.  Just flip the box from side to side, front to back, to create different jump heights.  The two boxes, an Original and Mini, combined gives you 9 different jump heights.

MonsterBox is built out of 3/4 inch birch cabinet grade “A” plywood and custom cut by a CNC router to exact specification. MonsterBox will last years of hard abuse.  The Monsterbox ships with already rounded edges and convenient cut in handles

  • Saves $100’s compared to buying 5 different jump boxes
  • Saves space (Easily stackable like Tetris pieces)
  • Built to last (Dovetail cut)
  • Assembled with 1.5 inch full cut screws
  • Jump heights clearly labeled on each side
  • Can be customized and Personalized to your facility with logo on back
  • Lifetime Warranty click here to view
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fedexAt Breathe Later Fitness we pride ourselves in bringing exceptional products to you at a reasonable prices. Shipping is no exception. Our entire line products ships flat to create the most economical pricing available. Because of this, we only charge the customer the costs incurred to ship the product through Fedex. With our extensive shipping in weight per month, we receive strong discounts through our Fedex that we pass on to the customer. To do this, each product price for shipping is estimated on an item by item basis. Once you complete your initial order we receive an email letting us know what you purchased and where it will be shipped to. We will then go to the Fedex website and put in the exact weight and dimensions of the product to give us an accurate quote. You will then be billed shortly after the initial order to account for the shipping charges.

To have a general estimate of what your shipping costs maybe prior to your purchase, here is a general reference:

MonsterBox Original: (68 lbs) Ships between $30 and $50 in the Continental US.

Average shipping time: 2.5 weeks – 3.5 weeks.

If you are not in the Continental US, shipping costs are substantially higher and will quoted on a price per item through a quote.

If you have any questions, or would like an exact shipping quote prior to purchasing, please email Sam at . Please give the product you wish to purchase, your zip code of where it is to be shipped to, and if it is a commercial or residential location.


The MonsterBox is designed to be jumped on by persons of any size. Each box is designed to be used in a commercial setting.

The MonsterBox is NOT designed to be used as a weight lifting platform / crash box / weight stand and is not designed to have loaded barbells or dumbbells dropped on top of it.

The MonsterBox is unfinished wood and is NOT designed to be used in, or left in, the rain or outside.

If any piece(s) of the MonsterBox fail do to normal wear from jumping on and off of the MonsterBox, contact us and we will replace the broken / damaged piece(s) free of charge.

The customer pays shipping on replacement parts.

Additional Information

Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 31 x 5 in